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A synonym for service and quality

Van Gelder Old and Antique Clocks is located in the centre of the old and cosy garrison town of Gorinchem in The Netherlands. Our location on the Westwagenstraat 70 is within easy reach of a parking and can be recognised directly by two wooden awnings on the front of our old building. The tastfully decorated shop offers the perfect environment for our varied collection of old and antique clocks. You will find remarkable and often precious clocks in various styles and from different backgrounds.

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A great collection appealing to everyone

A visit to Van Gelder is not only worthwhile for collectors, our clocks also appeal to numerous ‘non collectors’. Displayed against bright coloured walls you will find amongst others English longcase clocks, stately Dutch longcase clocks, carriage clocks, French Morbier clocks, table clocks, timepieces, Frysian 'staartklokken' and 'stoelklokken' , mantel clocks and regulators.

The right address for maintenance and repair

An antique timepiece is a valuable possession of which its value will only grow as years go by, provided that your clock is in good repair. Your clock also represents a certain emotional value. Antique clocks fit well in almost every interior and for this reason they are often quite beloved heirlooms. A perfect combination of modern and antique elements is considered to be the evidence of good taste. At Van Gelder we repair, service and maintain your clock and bring it back to its original state. In this perspective, quality, care and service are the key features that best describe us!

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