Van Gelder, a synonym for service and quality!

Our repair and maintenance workshop is located just behind a glass partition in our shop. We are qualified to provide high level repair, service and maintenance to your clock. Clocks exist in a wide variety of designs and models and each and everyone of them requires its own different approach when it comes to repair or maintenance. In any case, the authenticity of your clock should always be beared in mind. To us, this constitues a perfect challenge that we will always bring to a good end, any time.

Your antique clock deserves proper maintenance!

If you are considering to make use of our services, we always carry out a preliminary research. This thorough inspection of your clock enables us to indicate the amount of work we have carry out in order to get your clock back in its original state. Naturally, we exactly tell you what this will cost you. Only when you agree upon our price, we will restore your clock. A guarantee certificate will be handed to you at the same time. Your clock deserves proper maintenance, as an antique timepiece is a precious artifact of which its value will only grow in the future.

Restoring woodwork, hands and the face of your clock

A clock's woodwork forms an inseparable part of the clock itself. This is why we closely cooperate with professional woodwork specialists who can restore woodwork in complete harmony with your clock. Is a piece of veneer missing? Are you bothered about an ugly scratch? Is the complete image of your clock lacking the sophistication that it had earlier? Then feel free to visit us and ask for an extensive advice on the possibilities to restore your clock in its orginal state. Naturally , this doesn’t only apply to your clock’s woordwork, but also to the hands or the face of your clock, of which the colour can be pale, vague, or even completely vanished.

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